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Olimpiniai poliuretanu dengti svoriai PROUD BLACK

13,95 EUR
OLYMPIC POLYURETHANE WEIGHT WITH PROUD HANDLES are high-quality plates designed for strength and functional training . They are characterized by the highest manufacturing technology and wide functionality. Made of steel, they are additionally covered with a protective layer of polyurethane , thanks to which they are extremely durable and safe, resistant...
Olimpiniai gumuoti svoriai... Olimpiniai gumuoti svoriai... 2
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Olimpiniai gumuoti svoriai Tunturi 50 mm, poromis

23,81 EUR 26,45 EUR
The Tunturi Olympic Rubber Plate is ideal for strength training and can be used both at home and in the gym. The weight plates are made of rubber, so they protect the floor. The discs can be conveniently held in your hands and can also be attached at 50 mm. weight bar. 
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